3D Wall Art for Living Room Butterfly Paintings for Mirror (23.62"X16.54" Silver)

Finished Size: 60cm*42cm/23.62"*16.54"
Package Include: 1 set: 18pcs
There is a protect film on the surface. Please tear it off after pasting mirror sticker on the wall.
Easy to stick.Easily removable without damaging your wall.No harm to the environment and health.Perfect home decor and good gift !

Product Feature

Our decal stickers are made from the best acrylic in the industry. They can last for many years without peeling or fading. Our decal stickers are no harm to the environment and health.

Installation prompt:
1.Please keep the wall clean before pasting.
2.First according to the template on the ground, put the product well.
3.Suggest to take a small piece of component test whether suitable for metope.
4.This product can be used again and again, please use another binding to cooperate when you use again.
5.Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles.

Don't: Ash surface, Broken surface,uneven surface
Do:Clean smooth wall,tiles,windows,smooth wallpaper,closets,plastic.

Product Reviews

  • I just finished it! I absolutely love it! 24hrs in, and it's officially done. Thank you so much. (For those dark areas that don't have a number, those areas do have paint that comes with this. It`s the dark color that has a white sticker with a grey circle in the middle).
  • Title of this product says oil paint, which was the main reason I purchased, and lower in the description it does say acrylic. It is acrylic paint. The picture you were looking at in the product description is a photograph, not painting which is also misleading. I`m giving it a high number of stars because I am hopeful, with a higher than average level of skill and experience, I can initially paint with acrylic, then turn it into oil by painting over it as a second layer in more detail. The fact that it is a very complex picture with a multitude of colors which are already separated, does a great deal to speed up the process of completing such a paining. I`m going to take a picture after about every four hours worth of work. As you can see if you follow the instructions as described, it will look blocky and ugly. I think it is most helpful to complete adjacent areas very quickly and blend the colors rather than stay in the lines. I can definitely understand the one star reviews because it takes a whole lot more time, skill, and patience than you think. This is not a do at one setting while sipping a glass of wine thing.
  • I LOVE it! I knew it was canvas only and invested in a great frame (see other reviews). This arrived folded, with creases and the paint and brushes. It's VERY basic but GREAT QUALITY. Of course, the numbers are small ...its a paint by number picture. This looks the exact same as when I was a child. I don't find that there isn't enough paint, bc this particular print (the ocean wave) uses just small amounts of color all over. Also. thinking ahead of time I did buy some basic acrylic colors for very little cost at my local craft store. No issues and I love the sellers quick delivery, even though it was slated for a two month delivery time.